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cirquenciel is a social circus, aiming to spread peace through circus arts. It is founded on the belief that every human being has the right to grow and develop in a friendly environment.

Working on three different programs, cirquenciel runs a circus school, a professional troupe, and a psycho-social support team formed by educators from different backgrounds. cirquenciel is today intervening in 6 different private and public schools and is working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education to integrate circus arts in the curriculums

Within the local community, cirquenciel runs many projects that serve the purpose of integration, artistic vocational training, and other soft skills that are essential to one’s feeling of belonging in society.


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On April 7th, 2016, cirquenciel opened its own dedicated space in Jisr el Wati, Beirut, with its own school that hosts classes, workshops and events to build a community centered around circus, arts and movement. These three aspects of cirquenciel’s educational approach have proven to boost the physical, cognitive and social developments of the beneficiaries. Students work in a spirit of joy, cooperation, peace, unity, and an environment free of any discrimination.

cirquenciel’s vision is to achieve an autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed youth lifestyle, labeled “community building through collaborative learning”.


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public and private schools
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cirquenciel regularly visits refugee camps in order to reach the most vulnerable populations. These circus interventions allow cirquenciel to convey simple messages related to hygiene, sanitation, water, health, and other topics. All of the awareness happens through performances, songs and games.

These community based interventions in Informal Tented Settlements (ITS) enable the refugee community to change their perspectives on their surroundings and themselves. A little fun, laughter and singing helps the children cope with their surrounding environment and lives.


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When you visit cirquenciel, you can have fun juggling, stilt walking, climbing aerial silks, jumping on trampolines and tumbling.  If circus is not in your interest, perhaps a soft workout, a dance or theater class?


To learn more about the school in Jisr el Wati, visit cirquenciel’s Facebook page to find the class schedule and opening hours and to stay up to date with news and events.


“By having you drop objects, we teach you how to catch them, by putting you upside down we teach you how to stand on your feet, by having you walk all over people we teach how to respect them, by having you clown around we teach you how to take yourself seriously” – Bob Bramson, circus poet

Juggle on!


For more information please contact: 70 257631 or [email protected]