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Ecotourism in the Domaine de Taanayel

In 2009 the Domaine de Taanayel and arcenciel signed a long term partnership deal of which the mission is to enhance the environment for social work services. The objective is to make the Domaine an agricultural center and a main tourist attraction with innovative activities.

Under this context, at Taanayel, one form of participation in sustainable development is articulated at the Ecolodge and the Khan which are coupled in the field, where discovery and awareness activities are organized for everyone.




arcenciel defines and develops its touristic activity according to three main criteria:



Till the end of 2020, the Domaine de Taanayel welcomed more than 1.000.000 visitors in the last 10 years. In 2020 it employed more than 8000 man day. Given the success of this activity and its social and cultural impact, arcenciel develops new projects and pursues the revival of the Domaine through:




in the Domaine de Taanayel
registered in the Domaine de Taanayel every week-end (during summer time)
speech therapy session
in arcenciel dispensaries of medical care can be funded with 8 bike rentals in the Domaine de Taanayel


The Domaine offers Ecotourism activities such as: hiking, cycling, horse riding, carriage rides, an educational farm, mud-bricks workshops, rope courses for school groups. As well as the first zip line for persons with motor disability using wheelchairs.

The area is equipped with convenient guide posts, which sensitizes the public to the discovery of cultures and respect of the environment.


 domaine6 domaine5



Domaine de Taanayel entry: 10,000LL
Bike ride: 30,000LL/hour (big) 20,000LL/hour (small)
Horseback riding: 15,000 LL/10 minutes
Calèche: 50.000 LL /ride (on Weekends)
Accrobranche: 30,000 LL/day (on Weekends)
Zipline: 20,000 LL/day (on Weekends)
Fishing: 30,000LL/day (only first Monday of every month)

Fitness trail: free

The Domaine’s dairy farm offers groups a breakfast or lunch formula which includes all kinds of drinks, dairy products, jams, candies and indulgences.



Every year the Domaine de Taanayel welcomes several events: Marathon de la Paix (students run around the lakes and participate to environmental awareness workshops), Christmas market (activities for children, local craftsmen, food court, choral, Santa Claus…) a farmer’s market (beit el mouzereh), and many other events.


domaine2 domaine3


Shoots and photo sessions within the Domaine traditional forest are also possible. Several regional and Lebanese creative personalities have chosen to shoot their music videos in the Domaine countryside, artists such as Hiba Tawaji, Maya Diab, Chiraz, Elissa, Chérine, Wael kfoury, Ragheb Alémé, Assala, Fadel Shaker & Yara, etc.


For more information : 08-543105 543107 543108